Spellcaster who saved me: Priest Amadou (safevoodoospells.com)


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My testimonial about the spellcaster who saved me: Priest Amadou  (safevoodoospells.com)

I wish to share my story with all of you for different reasons. First of all, to encourage people not to give way to despair, never ! As you will understand reading my story, even very desperate situations can end, and happiness can always come back, and even increase! You only need to find the good help, the appropriate one. I also wanted to share my story with you so those who are suffering won’t loose their time and money with inefficient spell casters, which I did during months, while living a nightmare.

Let me tell you what I went through, and how Priest Amadou literally saved me !

My name is Simon, I am from New York. I am working as a designer in the car industry. I was living a moderate and normal life until last year I suddenly felt in love with the big boss of the company, Amanda.

I really don’t know how that happened. I didn’t know anything about Amanda, I never had a single contact with her. The only thing I knew was that she never even noticed me, and I honestly couldn’t find any reason for her to show a single interest in me! Believe me, this kind of situation is very painful. At first I thought it was just temporary feelings, but it became stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, my life turned into a horrible nightmare.

I couldn’t continue living this way, so I decided to make a first move. Completely inappropriate: when I got to work, in one the early morning, I opened the door of her office, and I told her, while I was crying, that I loved her. I told her that I wanted to marry her and have kids with her. I still cry when I think about all this… Of course nothing positive happened… She looked at me as if I was crazy, and told me stop this « disrespectful, childish and stupid » behavior, and to go back to work and never act this way ever again. I was desperate, ashamed of myself. Actually there are no words to describe my feelings toward myself at this moment.

Then of course I avoided her as much as I could. And I was suffering so much that I decided to quit my job and start another one, far from her, so I could forget her. Of course, nothing changed, except that I had absolutely no chance to get her anymore!

That’s when I decided to contact a spell caster. I paid three of them, a little fortune. Their spells were supposed to make her fall in love with me. Nothing happened during months, the casters didn’t answer my emails once I paid. I only lost my money, my pride and all my hopes. Honestly I was totally depressed, and about to end my life.

But a friend of mine told me she has been in contact with a very good and efficient Voodoo spell caster, so I decided to try one last time. I contacted Priest Amadou. He answered immediately, asked many questions. He was completely different from the other ones, he seemed very nice, he was the first one really listening to me, the first one to understand my pain. He proposed me 3 different spells and I chose the third one, the more expensive, even though he told me any of them would me powerful enough for me.

He did cast it immediately after I paid, and I performed a ceremony (an easy one, which I enjoyed quite much, as I could feel it was going to work while I was doing it). Then Houngan Amadou told me we had to wait about 10 days. He told me not to contact Amanda, that he would be the one proposing something.

What a surprise, a week later, when I got a phone call from an unknown number !!! I picked up the phone, and it was really Amanda!!! Believe me it was pretty hard for me not to cry. She asked me if I was fine, and said she was sorry for her reaction, and that she wanted to invite me to the restaurant so we could talk about what had happened.

Of course, I agreed! I immediately emailed Priest Amadou. He told me not to make any move, to wait for Amanda to make a move. During the dinner, Amanda was marvelous, she asked me many questions about myself, and she did find every of my hobbies very interesting, she said I was an amazing man! Afterwards we went to a bar, and there… she kissed me 🙂

Since then, I am living a perfect life with her, thanks to Priest Amadou! My life, which was a nightmare not long before, suddenly became a dream. Amanda and I are going to get married in 2 months, as she proposed to me about 2 weeks after the first magical day.

I recommend to all of you to seek for Priest Amadou’s help. He is incredible, trustful, loving, caring, he is very powerful and his powers are efficient, and he will never let you down like the others, he will continue to help you, to give you some advice, even one he finished his job (I still consult him for various thing today, and he never asks for money!).

I will forever be grateful to him, I owe him my life.